FMP Custom Software Development
Business / Software Analysis​​​​​​
Fine Tuning Your Business Objectives
Analysis is a very important step to designing a successful custom software solution ... it paves the way for developing software that will pay for itself. Custom software should be designed around your resources and unique objectives, long term goals, workflow, staff, budget, etc.

We work with you to identify your software requirements based on your specific business needs, project goals and work flow so we can develop and efficient custom software application to achieve your objectives.​
Software Development
Idiot Proof and User Friendly
All kidding aside ... trying new software can make anyone feel inadequate.

We understand the enherant problems and the apprehension of introducing new software into a business environment. After all ... it doesn't help to address your business needs just to introduce new problems trying to manipulate new software.

We know it's important how users interact with common functions and controls so we develop programs with the end user in mind. Our goal is to deliver a user friendly experience without sacrificing important features and functions. We pride ourselves in creating easy to use software programs that don't require special training to operate.
FileMaker Consulting
Build Your Own Custom App
We provide the expertise to help plan, create, modify and manage your own Custom FileMaker App.  We can even jump start your custom software development with professional modules to get you up and running instantly.

We're here to help you understand and work with all aspects of FileMaker ... Database Tables, Fields, Containers, Relationships, Scripts, Triggers, Variables, Functions, Calculations, Auto-Enter Presets, Drop-Down Value Lists, Rollover Tooltips, Images, PDFs, Portals, Button Bars, Tab Panels, Slide Controls, Email, Printing, Sub-Summary Sorting, Reports, Security, Privilege Sets, Custom Menus, Navigation, Conditional Formatting, Themes, Styles, Multi-File Integration, Synchronization, Interface Design, Version Updates and more.

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